Why love is like a plant?

Love is man’s greatest need and man’s greatest pursuit of happiness is finding that one perfect true love, his other half, so the dream of living ”happily ever after” EFFORTLESSLY would finally come true. But sometimes when it comes to love, we put more effort on the pursuing and casting of net to our targeted prey. And when finally got our catch and had our fun and the realities of life become unavoidable , we start to treat our loved one like a forgotten plant, emotionally unacknowledged and rejected by its owner and, although dying, still not getting any water because to the owner it has become emotionally irrelevant. Love is like a plant, you water it or it will die.

Always remember to treat your love like a plant. Water your love with faithfulness and loyalty. Bring out the best of each other but be loyal and faithful when you’re needed most. When your loved one is weak, be his/her strength. You water your love by being each other’s best friend, as much as possible share as many common interests with your loved one so you can enjoy each other together. ~Ketchie V. Schauf


Posted on: February 16, 2016 9:30 pm