Someone who will always love you

A true friend is someone who will always love you — the imperfect, the confused, the wrong you — because that is what people are supposed to do. — R. J. L.

Posted on: November 11, 2016 9:54 am

We are the same as plants

We are the same as plants, as trees, as other people, as the rain that falls. We consist of that which is around us, we are the same as everything. If we destroy something around us, we destroy ourselves. If we cheat another, we cheat ourselves. ~Buddha

Posted on: July 4, 2016 4:03 pm

Love can crystallize things

Love can crystallize things. When love is in the air, distressing rain can become a wonderful avalanche of shimmering diamonds. Raindrops are transformed into a flood of sparkling crystal pearls. The power of love can convert rain into a multitude of glittering prisms. The mental seduction of love and a boundless illusion, inflamed by a profound uprising emotion, can change any ordinary incident into a radiant, luminous voyage. ( “Crystallization under an umbrella” ) ― Erik Pevernagie

Posted on: June 7, 2016 9:05 pm

A language of Love

Smile is a language of love,
smile is a source to win heart,
smile is a name of lovely mood,
smile creates greatness in personality.
So keep smiling.

Source: sms4smile


Posted on: May 21, 2016 4:48 pm

Just like stars

True people and well wishers in our life are just like stars. They constantly shine but often we don’t see them until the dark hours come in our life. ~Santabanta

Posted on: February 13, 2016 3:37 pm