Why do pigeons bob their heads?

The pigeon has side-mounted eyes, unlike humans and owls which have forward facing eyes. As pigeons have monocular vision rather than binocular vision they bob their heads for depth of perception. The pigeon’s eyes function much better with stationary images and therefore as the pigeon takes a step forward the head is temporarily left behind. The next step jerks the head forward again and so on. This allows the bird to correctly orient itself.

Source: http://www.pigeoncontrolresourcecentre.org

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Birds are one of the six basic groups of animals

Birds are one of the six basic groups of animals. Birds, best known for their ability to fly, are unmatched in their command of the skies.

Birds are divided into 30 groups.
Although there are several different ways experts classify birds into subgroups, on this website we recognize that there are 30 groups of birds.

There are 9,865 species of birds alive today, according to the IUCN.
Of the 9,865 bird species, 1,227 species are considered threatened with extinction, 838 species are near threatened, 7,735 species are considered to be of least concern, and 65 species lack the data to determine their status. 133 species of birds are known to have gone extinct since 1500.
Source: About | By Laura Klappenbach, Animals & Wildlife Expert

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Giving with expectations

Giving with expectations become miserable when expectations are not met; happiness will be short-lived even when expectations are met. ~Master Cheng Yen

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